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Those of you reading via RSS will probably not have noticed, but I’ve had the virtual paint-rollers and stencils out over the weekend.

Yes, VCTB is being redecorated. It’s a little clunky and simple so far, but at least it doesn’t look like a straight-from-the-box WordPress install any more. Please bear with me as I delve into the magical yet convoluted arcana of CSS, PHP, HTML, and a whole slew of other acronyms. I’m considering taking a few days off work so I can just work solidly and get it to a satisfactory point.

In defense of the current implementation, however, I think it’s much easier on the eyes to read white text against black. The colours of the links and titles and so on will need to be worked on, though, as will the ugly text in the header. For those who are curious, the header image is a shot across Mexico City from what was once the tallest building in Central America. It’s an awesome view – in every direction you look, all you can see is endless city, right out to the horizon. It’s an incredible place, Mexico. If you ever get the chance, make sure you go, and be sure to hook up with some locals to show you the bits the tourists don’t see.

Anyway, feedback and suggestions on ways to make VCTB easier (and more funky) on the eye are more than welcome. That’s what the comments box is for – feel free to make use of it. In the meantime, thanks for dropping by, it’s always a pleasure to see you.

3 thoughts on “Home improvements”

  1. Hm. green and orange on black. I suppose I could mess with my screen to make it a little bit readable…. or just not bother.
    Well, I visited for a few days but If that stays I’ll leave. White on black is a bit harsh too. Yes, it all looks dramatic, but it’s a pain in the eyes to actually read. Might I suggest a read of Joseph Albers’ seminal work: The Interaction of Colour. With orange and green the eye tries to focus at two different depths simultaneously.

    I’d suggest dark grey text on a pale colour background, or a coloured text on a dark grey background. Reduce the contrast a little, stay away from extremes.Or you could up the font size.

  2. Thanks for the tips, soubriquet. I hope you’ll bear with me while I get it together – in the meantime I’ve upped the font size a bit. I’ll try a new colour scheme when I get the chance, hopefully some time this week.

  3. What’s giving me problems are the links. Viewing the site from work (shh) means I have to use IE6, under which the links are basically invisible until I move my mouse over them. Which is a bit annoying, particularly when the links are part of the flow of whatever you’re written.

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