I am the eye that sees itself…

A bright fellow called Nova Spivak has come up with an idea that I wish I had the intelligence to articulate in the same way. I’ve always been interested in the idea of using technology to link the human race into a collective organism, as I believe that unless we do something like it we will immolate ourselves and each other in mutual misunderstanding and creeping cultural confusion. So when I stumbled across his proposal to create a gateway for human self-awareness on the Web, I was absolutely blown away. Imagine a service like Technorati or Google Zeitgeist, but far wider in scope, fully interactive, and with the possibility of every and any user being able to contribute, vote, comment, feed back information. A mirror for the world to look at itself in…what a fantastic idea!

In his post, he asks for people willing to contribute to the project to link to the article, and mention what skills they think they could bring to the table. I’m not sure that I have any technological skills worth mentioning, and I am pretty sure that the day-to-day skills of my library job wouldn’t be of much use either. But if there was some capacity in which I could gopher for a project like this, I’d be more than happy to lend a hand. Perhaps they’ll need someone to make the tea? 🙂

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