I get around

Posted by Paul Raven @ 21-07-2008 in General

No, not in that way[1]. And I hope you now have the Beach Boys tune stuck in your head for the next 24 hours. Ha hah! – my middle name is Spite[2].

What I mean is that, despite being resolutely silent here, I’ve been cropping up elsewhere.

I know, I know – it’s all too much, isn’t it?

Talking about things being a bit all-too-much, it looks like an old friend colleague fellow blogger has resurfaced from the past. At the moment he seems to be retreading a familiar path to the one I met him on; as such, I shall be observing from a safe distance. Twice shy and all that, y’know.

Other me news (because it’s all about me, after all) – my holiday is totally freakin’ booked!

Your “cool [stuff/people/places] to [see/drink/eat/kill/dance with] in Berlin” tips will be much appreciated.

Oh, look – bedtime! Nighty-night, blogosphere.

[ 1 - Pure as driven snow, me. Driven down a London gutter in front of a snowplow, that is.]

[ 2 - Yeah, I know it's not - but once the deed poll paperwork clears... ]

[ 3 - Looks like a certain Shaun C Green made the cut, too, and a few people who I think I recognised but couldn't be sure of. ]

2 Responses to “I get around”

  1. Justin says:

    My Berlin recommendations;

    - the ‘New Berlin’ Secrets of the Communist Capital tour, which was ruddy brilliant
    - the German Museum of Technology has an impressive collection of radios, televisions, historical computers, and vehicles
    - Liebeskind’s Jewish Museum is a pretty intense experience, but well worth visiting
    - the view from the Reichstag Dome is stunning, particularly if you hit it at twilight / early evenining

  2. Udy says:

    The Berghain/Panoroma bar to dance with sexually questionable people to awesome music.

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