I got the feeling io9 wasn’t going to be my sort of blog …

… and it appears my suspicions are confirmed within a few weeks from launch:

Today’s most popular stories are

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Ten Scifi Songs You Should Take to a Barren Asteroid (48 comments), Science Fiction Angels Who Are Really Aliens in Disguise (31) and Live-Action Star Wars TV Will Satisfy Your Boba Fettish (28).

And we wonder why no one takes science fiction seriously. *sigh*

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6 thoughts on “I got the feeling io9 wasn’t going to be my sort of blog …”

  1. It lasted all of 48 hours in my Google Reader list before I zapped it. Far too much forth and frivolous stuff to plough through every day, and the category feed for their Books section – which might at least have kept it relevant – never seemed to work properly…

    But then it’s part of a larger blog network that thrives on advertising revenue, to eyeballs-on-screen and click-throughs resulting is the all-important name of the game…

  2. Ugh. Angels who are really aliens, now there’s a subject to spark the imagination of a nation.

    Not terribly surprised to hear that it’s all about eyeballs and click-throughs.

  3. Bearded in my own den, no less! Respect to you, Ms Newlitz – I understand the economics of why io9 is the way it is (as do we all, I expect), but you can’t blame a guy for having high hopes from time to time. 🙂

    Best of luck, and thanks for the feed address.

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