I have a job interview today …

… for a job not unlike the one I do already, except for it being part-time. The idea being, if I get it, I can start the slow ascent of making a living from writing in various forms with those liberated hours. If I get it. So wish me luck, if you would be so kind.

In fact, by the time most of you over-the-pond American type people have read this (unless you’re insomniacs or keep some very weird hours), I’ll probably have had the interview already – it starts 10:45 GMT. But hey, wish me good luck anyway – it’ll give me a warm glow while I chew my nails to the quick over the next day or so, wondering whether I got through or not.

8 thoughts on “I have a job interview today …”

  1. “Best of luck!!”(waves arms around and magics some luck over in that direction – with spectacular sound and visual effects etc)

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