Iain Emsley interviews!

Just thought I’d point people to a trio of interviews with genre authors. They have all been done by the redoubtable Iain Emsley, who was my first editor when I started reviewing for Interzone, who runs his own genre bookstore, and is also generally a very decent bloke indeed.

On his infrequent (but always rewarding) blog, he has just posted searching interviews with:

You might want to dig around in the archives, there’s some good stuff there. I particularly enjoyed his interview with David Marusek.

You may (or of course, may not) be wondering why there’s been no ‘serious’ posting here for a few days. If you have been wondering, then I can tell you that I’ve been busy doing some real writing. You know, like, a story. Real proper fiction. Well, an[other] attempt at it, anyway. Bloody time-consuming and mentally wearying it is, too. If you’ve not been wondering, well, there’ll be another links post tomorrow, and possibly some sort of essay for you to skip over. VCTB is a buffet, you dig? If all you want is the cheese-and-pinapple on a stick, that’s all good – it leaves the cocktail sausages for everyone else. Or something. Erm, yes.This is a long-winded and possibly facile way of saying “there’ll probably be something a little more substantial here tomorrow morning”. My brain is tired. It’s not a great excuse, but it’s the one I’m using.

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