8 thoughts on “If one more person asks me…”

  1. Of course you’re not going to be dressed as a Klingon – you’ve been working on that Andorian costume complete with motorized antennae for months!
    heh heh!

  2. Cunningly, I anticipated such remarks and cut them off at the pass with a gentle jibe at such areas of fandom, and a swift shift of focus onto the literary side of things. Zing!

  3. trollop: If I was to go as anything, it’d be one of the Ultras from the Al Reynolds Revelation Space books … but that might be considered typecasting of the worst stripe.

    SCG & Niall: I know, I try. It didn’t help at my old job, where one of the other staff had been exactly that kind of Trekkie for many years. This is why we need some good public advocacy for sf literature. Or tazers.

    Udy: STFU, or I repost that picture from the Pompey music forum featuring your dodgy bleached hair and questionable taste in shorts. Mmmmkay? 😉

  4. Paul: surely you meant “phasers”!

    My city sadly lacks much in the SF world. The cons (that are few and far between) are not well attended and the majority of those who do go to them are in full Jedi Master gear….
    The only real fun I get out of them is finding the occasional low-priced PK Dick book and signing the “Bring Back Firefly” petition.
    I must get to Vancouver during one of their SF Cons, I think.

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