If they keep digging, they’ll get out soon…

SonyBMG and First4Internet Release Mysterious Software Update

SonyBMG and First4Internet, the companies caught installing rootkit-like software on the computers of people who bought certain CDs, have taken their first baby steps toward addressing the problem. But they still have a long way to go; and they might even have made the situation worse.
Yesterday, the companies released a software update that they say ‘removes the cloaking technology component that has been recently discussed in a number of articles’. Reading that statement, and the press statements by company representitives, you might think that that’s all the update does. It’s not.

OK, so I keep on returning to this topic. But Sony’s ‘fix’ for the DRM on their CDs doesn’t remove the DRM, it just makes the DRM files visible…plus a few extra ones that weren’t in the first batch. This one’s going to run and run, methinks…

{Goes to show the power of the blogosphere; the mighty BBC only picked up this story today!}

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