If you came here for a serious post on science fiction, press ‘one’…

OK, so there’s nothing clever or interesting (or even masquerading as clever or interesting) to read here today. What can I say? It’s been a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, and I’ve had other demands on my time that didn’t involve hammering at this keyboard. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow – in the mean time, I’m sure you’ll grant a guy who doesn’t actually make any money from writing having a day off from posting on his blog.

Oh, you won’t? Well, that’s me told off…feel free to call me all the bad words under the sun in the comments. It’s been a while since I attempted to throw an open thread, anyway… 😉

What did you all get up to this weekend, if you weren’t at the WorldCon in LA?

3 thoughts on “If you came here for a serious post on science fiction, press ‘one’…”

  1. Went to the Nottinghill carnival on Sunday….stuck around to see some colourful floats then headed off to drink!!!! got to touch a python….that was hot!!!!The atmosphere was great! n e one else go or participate?

  2. My girlfriend and I took the train up to my parents’ place, just a few miles from the US-Canada border. We picked blackberries (almost at the end of their growing season) out along the trail that my mom made in the woods behind the house. One of my youngest sisters is about to start renting an apartment from the man who was the principal of the elementary school I went to. I remember him as the only person other than my parents who has administered corporal punishment upon my person — aka spanked me for my misbehavin’. That was 20 years ago, just a humorous story now, but nevertheless, my mom resurrected this tale when he happened to come by my sister’s apartment. And awkward laughter trickled out, all round.

  3. Built a circuitbent dawn chorus from a selection of singing RSPB soft toy birds, Considered the potential of becoming a voodoo ice cream man with a stealth black ice cream van from ebay. Got rained on.

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