If you thought Tourettes was a bit spurious…

…then some of these little gems should have you cranking up the dial on your disbelief-o-meter. This is an amusing list of bizarre disorders and afflictions of various types. A sample for you:


Imagine suddenly putting on a convincing French accent. Or Scottish. Or Italian. It sounds like fun, but it’s no joke for the victims of Foreign Accent Syndrome, which can set in after strokes or other brain trauma. Without warning, they’ll start speaking their native tongue with a different accent, which could sound anything from Swedish to South African. Victims need never have heard the accent in question, according to Oxford University researchers Dr Jennifer Gurd and Dr John Coleman, who believe it arises from damage to areas of the brain responsible for language production, altering pitch, pronunciation and speech patterns. So people with the syndrome aren’t putting on a foreign accent, it just sounds that way.

Pretty sure I know a few people with that one, as it happens…

Link unearthed from The Kircher Society.

…oh, and the holiday was great, thanks for asking. But I did miss blogging for you people, sad as it may sound. I must get a web enabled PDA…any contributions more than welcome! 😉

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