ILLUMINATIONS: The Friday Flash Fiction Anthology

Odd Two Out Publishing is extremely proud to present:

ILLUMINATIONS: The Friday Flash Fiction Anthology


ISBN 978-0-9558662-0-3

ILLUMINATIONS is a new anthology from small press Odd Two Out Publishing showcasing original, cutting edge short fiction from eight up-and-coming young British writers.

When British author Gareth L Powell started adding short weekly pieces of flash fiction to his website back in July 2007, he didn’t expect anyone else to take much notice.

But soon there were seven other writers doing likewise – Paul Graham Raven, Gareth D Jones, Martin McGrath, Dan Pawley, Justin Pickard, Neil Beynon, and Shaun C Green. Together, they have become known as the Friday Flash Fictioneers.

Flash fiction stories are complete short stories told in fewer than 1,000 words. Quoting from his introduction to the anthology, Gareth L Powell says:

“Adhering to this restricted format can be a valuable exercise for a writer. It’s often a lot trickier than it looks. You have to make every word count. Every thing in the story has to be doing something because there just isn’t room for extraneous waffle.”

The Friday Flash Fictioneers come from diverse walks of life — musicians, office workers, freelance journalists, students, magazine editors — and this new anthology collects together the best of their weekly output.

Edited by Paul Graham Raven, the pieces range from mainstream literature to far-out speculation; from horror to humour; from outright fantasy to straight-faced space opera.

All the stories in ILLUMINATIONS are published under a Creative Commons licence that permits them to be reproduced in the public domain as long as no profit is made in the process.

Copies of ILLUMINATIONS: The Flash Fiction Anthology will be available to order for £6.99 from Odd Two Out Publishing, or from the authors themselves. All profits from the sale of ILLUMINATIONS will be donated to the NSPCC.

Alternatively, The Fictioneers will be running a flash fiction workshop as part of Orbital 2008, the British Science Fiction convention held at the Raddisson Hotel, Heathrow over the Easter weekend. Convention-goers are invited to come along to quiz the team and have a go at writing their own extremely short fiction.

[ OK, with the official press release done, I can confess: yes, this is the oft-alluded-to soopa-seekrit project I’ve been working on recently! LOOKATWHATWEDID! 😀

I’m incredibly chuffed we got it nailed in time for Eastercon, and I’m fit-to-shit that my name’s on the cover – not just as author, but as editor too – and in such fine company.

It’s been a massive learning experience, not to mention a bizarre mixture of creative fun and hair-tearing frustration, and I shall be talking about some of the things I picked up on the journey in weeks to come.

In fact, let’s be honest – it’s going to be almost impossible to get me to shut up about it. I hope you’ll be understanding … and I hope you’ll buy a copy! It’s for charity, y’know! ]

3 thoughts on “ILLUMINATIONS: The Friday Flash Fiction Anthology”

  1. I never thought i’d see the ghastly day that i was forced to be impressed by anything you did but much as it fills me with loathing to admit it, done well! 😉
    Buggerit, this means i’m going to have become drinking buddies with Lemmy or something now just to top that one 🙂

  2. They were like flies. Far away. Couldn’t be flies.
    Another flash.
    We wake up; our whiskies are on fire. We place our hands over them and drink up.
    The rest of the building crumbles around us like a slaughtered oxen.

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