Interview with creators of the Painstation

A few days ago, VCTB reported on a device called the Painstation – an arcade game that inflicts pain on its players.

The site ‘Little Mathletics’ has done an interview with the Painstation’s creators, an German art group who go by the name of ‘fur’. (There is also a link to video of the game in use.)

A snippet from the interview for you:

Can you explain what the PainStation is, and what it does?

It’s a two player table console that dishes out real pain to bad player’s. People have to place one hand on a so called “PainExecutionUnit” and play an enhanced version of the game “Pong”.
If one player misses the ball he gets a dose of punishment in the form of electricity, heat or a small rotating whip. The first player to pull back his hand looses.

I can think of so many over-competitive people I’d love to watch go head to head on this thing! I wonder if they’ll bring it over here on tour…I’ll bet they’d make a fortune on the festival circuit.

Link burnt from MAKEblog.

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