4 thoughts on “io9’s top 20 science fiction movers and shakers for 2009”

  1. Hey Paul, thanks for the feedback! We went back and forth about who to include, and the rankings were certainly pretty arbitrary. On the other hand, this was a list of people who helped bring science fiction to mainstream attention in 2008, not people we like. There are certainly plenty of SF writers who would have been on a list of creators that wowed us in 2008. And for what it’s worth, I do think Will Smith had more impact on the larger zeitgeist (outside of science fiction fans) than Neal Stephenson this year. Kanye West is more debatable, I’ll admit. Like I said, the rankings were a tad arbitrary. Thanks again for the feedback!

  2. Hi Charlie Jane, thanks for dropping by! I understand the ‘why’ of your list; if anything that’s exactly what makes it so frustrating to someone very much in the books-and-stories camp. The writer provide the innovation, and twenty years later Hollywood flogs it for a fortune to Joe Average. I guess we should be glad to be sat out lonely on the cutting edge!

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