It may give you cancer, but it’s not all bad

You may wonder why I’m linking to an article discussing new ways to develop potential vaccines for HIV. I’m linking it because not only would finding a vaccine for HIV be a really good thing, but it would appear that a genetically modified version of the humble tobacco plant may well be the key. I think I’ll have a cigarette…I knew something this fun couldn’t be as bad as they keep telling us.

[Disclaimer: VelcroCityTouristBoard in no way recommends the deliberate recreational inhalation of carninogenic substances, unless it is of your own free will and you are in a place where to do so is legal. However, we *do* advocate a world where debates on such substances are not ethically polarised by the media, or by vote-hungry politicians desperate to hang on to the middle-class bleeding-heart body-fascist demographic. Rant over.]

2 thoughts on “It may give you cancer, but it’s not all bad”

  1. Are you just trying to sale cigarettes? Doesn’t seem logical what you are saying, but then again I have heard people say certain tree bark is good for you too. But then again I’m not sold on that idea either.

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