It rhymes with ‘rogue’, actually

The synthesiser obsessives in your circle of friends are going to be having funny turns for the next few months…Moog Music have just released their new affordable analog synth, the ‘Little Phatty’.

Moog Little Phatty

Damn, that thing looks good. And apparently it sounds good too…that’s a true analog beast, no nasty digital copy. The specifications? Two genuine analog oscillators, classic modulation and filters including the legendary Moog ladder filter, CV and MIDI control, and 37 keys. The first batch are a limited edition in memory of Bob Moog himself, $1500 a go. The ‘stage’ edition is set to retail at $1000, without the Bob signature or the wooden end-cheeks, and with a slightly different colour scheme to the LEDs. I predict eBay is about to be swamped with old synths as people liquidate their studios to get their hands on one.

Link squelched from GizmodoUK.

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