It’s an exclusive!

Now, I’m not usually one to boast or crow. But I’m willing to bet that there’s a fair few thousand rabid Dune fanboys out there somewhere who’d be frightfully keen to get their sweaty mitts on this:

Hunters of Dune

Yup, that’s Hunters of Dune, the forthcoming latest installment of the mighty Dune franchise – or rather, that’s the trade paperback-format review copy I’ve been sent directly from the publisher. I think there’s good odds that I’m the only person outside the publishing industry in this country who has a copy of that book; I’m almost positive that no one else has an uncorrected Word document manuscript for it on their hard drive.

OK, so it’s not that big a deal; I’m not a huge Dune obsessive or anything, but I just get rather stoked by the thrill of having access to stuff before anyone else – it’s one of the major perks of this book reviewing malarkey (though not as big as the seeing-your-own-name-in-print thing, natch). Then again, I get thrilled when the nice lady in Waitrose asks me if I want to try some ginger beer or a new type of cheddar from Devon…it doesn’t take much, really.

Experienced readers will have gathered from the tone of this post that there’s no serious content to come today; I had a long busy weekend, and a real beast of a Monday at work, and so I went to bed early to start reading the above book without writing anything fascinating or inciteful for you. I’m a bad person. You could always lambast me in the comments, or talk amongst yourselves, of course…

However, I shall leave you with this lttle gem, namely Adam Roberts doing (what I assume must be) a faux-post-modernist deconstruction of the lyrics of AC/DC. I may have totally misunderstood what may be a very serious piece of criticism, but either way round, I laughed like a fool while reading it. Go take a look.

Or if you’d prefer something a little more serious, here’s a rerun of one of Jamias Cascio’s essays from his days at Worldchanging. Read both, actually; the light and the dark, the heavy and the airy – it’s a game of contrasts, this life.

Back to business tomorrow. Take care, people.

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