Jack White allegedly choosing to suck the corporate teat

White Stripes Set For Coke Advert:

Jack White, the man who lives in a world of analogue studios, log fires and the Blues, is reportedly in line to start flogging fizzy pop. A ‘source’ suggests that White has been in talks with the multinational giant to write a new song for their commercials.
“Coke have been talking to Jack about getting him to write a new song and he’s very interested,” an advertising source told NME. Coca-Cola are apparently on the look-out for a new song in the vein of the 70’s advertising track ‘I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke’.

Oh dear. ‘More-anti-corporate-than-thou’ White Stripes making a song for one of the figurehead multinationals? There goes his street cred, if it turns out to be true. Not that bothered myself, you understand…I’ve never been fond of them. Maybe they could use the revenues from the advert to get Meg some drum lessons (at long last)?

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