Jim van Pelt’s writerly resolutions

It’s that time of year when many of us make plans to change our habits and regimens for the better – I have a few resolutions in the offing, mostly to do with health and lifestyle*.

Jim van Pelt is, as always**, thinking about resolutions from the writer’s perspective, and has a list of six (well, technically seven) resolutions for creative writers to consider.

I particularly liked this one:

2.  Write consistently. Don’t do something stupid like let two months go by without actual writing happening.  Those are not only two months that I will never get back, but also writing is about learning and growing.  I’ll be two months behind where I could have been in growth too.  Writing consistently will have the added benefit of making me think about writing consistently.  Someone asked me where my ideas come from, and the real answer is they come because I’m consistently thinking about writerly concerns.  I don’t sit at my computer and then say, “What should I write about?”  I always have the flickering of an idea ready to go.

It chimes well with my personal experiences of recent months. Since joining the Friday Flash Fictioneers, and committing myself to having a piece of flash fiction ready to roll out once every week, I’ve truly found I have story ideas more often than I used to.

It seems I’ve forced myself to be looking for them at a subconscious level … and I’m getting better at making a note of them before I get distracted by something else, as they rarely occur at convenient times.

Any VCTB readers with writing-orientated new year’s resolutions in mind?

[* Hey, stop laughing back there!]

[** Since discovering his LJ, I think I’ve linked to more writing tips from Jim van Pelt than everyone else put together. I heartily recommend anyone who writes to subscribe to his RSS feed – great advice, delivered kindly. Mr van Pelt, I salute you, sir.]

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  1. There is no doubt that the more you think about writing the more ideas you will have. Writing is not something a writer does, writing is a life style.

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