Just upgraded my website portfolio …

… so all sites are now running on WordPress 2.5, which looks pretty sexy in the back-end, if you’ll excuse the turn of phrase. Everything seems to have upgraded without a hitch, too, which is a first.

In other news, my upper right arm is in excruciating muscular pain. People are suggesting that

  1. it’s computer related, and
  2. I should go and see a doctor about it sooner rather than later.

Knowing that they’re right on both counts is not making it any more appealing a prospect.

4 thoughts on “Just upgraded my website portfolio …”

  1. Any issues with plugins (or anything else) when you upgraded to 2.5? I’ve got a batch to do this week, so if there’s anything I should look out for, a heads-up would be most welcome!

    Hope the arm clears up soon (for obvious reasons…)

  2. Martin – your mind is a sewer.

    Darren – no problems at all, as it happens, though I don’t use any particularly fancy plugins. Just made sure I had the latest versions of them all and went for it, basically. All seems to have gone without a hitch for a change!

  3. Hope the arm pains don’t turn out to be anything serious, dude. Regular breaks and stretches are king.

    Not upgraded myself but really should. I’ve heard that the LiveJournal crossposter plugin struggles with the new version of WordPress.

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