Landmarks in blogging

As the weekend is a slow time for readers and writers of blogs alike, I figured Sunday would be the ideal day to post a bit of self-congratulatory news, so as not to interrupt the smooth flow [cough] of VCTB’s regular schedule [splutter].

This here blog passed two major checkpoints this week; it crossed the 10,000 page-views barrier, and for the first time there were over fifty subscribers reading the feed. Now, compared to the great and glorious blogs out there, that’s small change indeed, I’ll freely admit (and a great many of those page views are immediate bounces). But from my point of view, as a complete unknown who has only been blogging properly for maybe six months*, that’s not bad going, and I’m pretty proud of myself.

* (I began blogging before then, but those early posts are, frankly, rubbish – browsing through the early archives here will demonstrate this. It’s been one hell of a learning curve.)

Of course, all that doesn’t really mean much in the real world, but it’s nice to have some sort of metric to work against. Another one that is even more gratifying (until one realises that it is also pretty meaningless) is a page that I discovered via The Slush God – you type in your URL, the program interrogates Technorati and then supplies you with an assessment of your blog’s worth in dollars. Here are VCTB’s results:

My blog is worth $36,695.10.
How much is your blog worth?

Wow! A swift currency calculation reveals that VCTB is ‘worth’ approximately £19,500! These numbers are based on some research into the figures that AOL paid for its acquisition of Weblogs, Inc., but as a yardstick for a niche blog like this one, I think it’s probably specious in the extreme. Although, if I was getting paid a mere 10% of that valuation per year to run VCTB, I’d be a very happy man (with a lot less hours of day-job distracting me from the things I’d rather be doing)…potential corporate sponsors or buy-out teams, please use the email address in the sidebar.

So, spurious valuations aside, it falls upon me to thank the group of people who really make any blog a success, and that is (of course) its readers. Thank you very much – you give an insecure book reviewer with delusions of grandeur a well needed ego boost and reason for getting off the sofa. There can be no higher accolade, I’m sure. 😉

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