Late nights, heavy lids

You people, much as I love you all for dropping by regularly, should count yourselves lucky I’m not the sulky type. After all, I left you a lovely open thread with an interesting theme to it, and how many of you left a comment? Zilch. I don’t know. There’s no way you can be intimidated by my knowledge and writing skills, so I guess you were just all to busy to do any more than just scan the posts in your RSS feeds. Well, I’ll let you off. This time. 😉

Well, no rant today, I’m afraid, because I am a tired person yet again (which, it would appear, is a more common phenomenon than I thought, at least over the pond). I’m going to send a final few emails, have a bath and get to bed early, read a few stories from Starwater Strains and get some quality shut-eye time.

You’ll no doubt be overjoyed to know that tomorrow is a short day of work for me, and Friday is my day off, so expect a return to the usual service of bizarre screeds and hefty link-lists…I’m hoping deactivating that sitemaps plug-in will stop the link-dumps futzing up, so fingers crossed – it’ll be obvious by the time this post goes live, anyway.

But in the meantime, why not go read Meme Therapy asking authors and science boffins for their views on the regulation of bio-sciences and genetic engineering? Or perhaps peruse one of the many fascinating posts at Worldchanging, like this one about happiness and economic success, and how to reconcile them in a rapidly mutating society? Or, if you’re not tied to a desk all day, grab a welding kit and make yourself a pushbike chopper. Go crazy, do your thing.

Right. You have stuff to read, I have sleep to indulge in. That’s what I call task allocation. Until tomorrow, Tourists – adios.

And a goodnight wink to Linkie Winkie, also.

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