Less like moderating than refereeing

Looks like my first stint as a panel moderator will be rather more challenging than I expected. Let’s see …

First Jetse came out in defence of short reviews.

Then Niall took him to task for it (and generated a, shall we say, lively comments thread).

Then Jonathan put in his two pence (generating another busy comments thread that includes a visit from ((a possibly justifiably irate)) Andy Cox).

Meanwhile, Gabe sits tight on the other side of the Atlantic, wishing for an opportunity to deploy his critic-fu mad rant sk1llz, and A. R. Yngve certainly has reviews on his mind (although I’m not sure if he’s coming to the con or not).

And there was me thinking this was a topic hardly anyone would care about. I’m not known for my leadership abilities, so this may end up as an exercise in herding cats … metaphorically angry cats, with metaphorical guns.

Still, life’s a learning curve, isn’t it? 🙂 Updating from a little after midday Friday (public transport permitting); until then, hasta luego, amigos.

4 thoughts on “Less like moderating than refereeing”

  1. Oh, it’ll be fine. Bear in mind that most of the rest of the panel (and the audience) won’t have read any of this discussion, so you can start things off nice and gently … (And anyway, the question of “what sort of reviews should IZ be publishing?” is separate enough from “what makes a good review?” that I’m sure you can avoid it entirely, if necessary.) See you tomorrow.

  2. If Cox can be justifiably irate with anyone it is de Vries who has misrepresented Interzone’s actual reviewing policy.

  3. I’m sure there are many experienced moderators about who will be happy to give you tips if you wish, but you’re in the enviable position that I think the panel will quite happily fill its time slot without you running out of topics to talk about.

  4. Yeah, it’ll be a doddle. Just introduce the panelists, yell “Go!” then sit back and relax…

    I’m sorry I won’t be there until Saturday now.

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