Life imitating computer games (again)…BFG

Players of Doom will know well what the letters ‘B.F.G.’ stand for…the M32 grenade launcher from Milkor Armaments looks like it has been lifted straight out of a first-person shooter and into the hands of a military task force near you:

To quote the article linked above:

That the M-32 can deliver six 40mm grenades within three seconds is frightening enough, but several factors make it particularly devastating . The first is the sighting scope that allows a Marine to ?follow? the grenade to the target and immediately adjust and follow up with a lethal volley of indirect fire. The second is that amongst the wide range of ammunition available to the M-32 is the Martin Electronics (MIE) Direct Range Air-Consuming Ordnance (DRACO) Grenade. MIE?s brochure on the thermobaric DRACO round says it all ? When you absolutely, positively need to eliminate the enemy!

Those thermobaric rounds are the things the US troops have been using to demolish buildings full of people in Iraq, which isn’t so cool. But it sure looks like a mean piece of kit.

Link launched from GizmodoUK.

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