Lilly Allen – teh Wrdswth ov er generashun, innit?

Lilly AllenHell knows I get some infuriatingly hyperbolic press releases[1] in the course of business as usual at The Dreaded Press, but The Guardian gets blurbs on the big fish who pass me by, like Lilly “No, my dad’s nothing to do with my success at all, and I skived at Stage School” Allen:

It has a cold open of sorts, beginning with lyrics – a couplet, I suppose you’d call it – from one of Lily’s new tracks.

“Now I lie here in the wet patch in the middle of the bed,
I’m feeling pretty damn hard done by, I’ve spent ages giving head”.

Now, what do you think are the publicists’ words immediately following this?

“Lily Allen, the Wordsworth of the MySpace generation, returns with the -”

I’m so sorry, I thought for a minute they said “the Wordsworth of the MySpace generation”.

Oh my God! They totally did!

But it gets better – The Guardian writer phoned up the PR to call them out on it:

“Congratulations on a sublimely parodic press release,” LiS greets Murray Chalmers, the brains behind it all. “We’re particularly interested in the Wordsworth comparison, which we feel if anything underplays Lily’s talent and indeed canonical importance. Tell me: which of Wordsworth’s works would you say It’s Not Me, It’s You has the deepest affinity with?”

There is a pause. Just name any of Wordsworth’s works. “It was really to remind people what an excellent lyricist Lily is,” says Murray, eventually.

PWN’T. Hat tip to Jonathan “SF Diplomat” McCalmont for making my evening that much more bearable.

[ 1 – Rule of thumb – the greater the hyperbole quotient, the more dismally pointless and vapid the music being promoted. So frankly I’m shocked that Ms Allen’s lot didn’t lay it on even thicker. ]

[image by T. Young]

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  1. The Guardian added a link to it at the top of the original article today. She comes across quite well. It does descend into a slapfight after that though.

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