Links for 02-04-2008

“So, are we gonna do Stonehenge again …?”; Kincaid on post-cyberpunk; Policetown …

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  1. Hey Paul,

    Seems like your keeping an eye out for the Stonehenge investigation. I work with the Smithsonian Channel and am responsible for working on some of their online coverage of the dig including an awesome digital restructuring of 5,000 years of Stone Henge in two minutes of the blue stones.
    I just wanted to share a couple of links with you of the stuff we are doing just in case you wanted to get some updates.

    We have a landing page here with information and daily video updates:

    Also, the Executive Producer of the Channel, David Royle, is live blogging from Stonehenge for the next few days. There are blog posts from him and photos and videos at this link, with much more to come :

    I hope you check it out and let me know if you enjoy the video updates!


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