Links for 06-06-2006

Webcomics, sleeping, Cory Doctorow, Prince Philip, DRM…

2 thoughts on “Links for 06-06-2006”

  1. At risk of sounding like a smug mac user you should check out Comic Life, it came on my new laptop and is awesome for making comics. Built in camera function lets you drag straight from a preview box running off the webcam into a cell.
    Perfect for photo-stories about the latest office affair (!)

  2. 6 – Dr. Gregory Benford – Space Elevator Skeptic

    Maybe. A true skeptic – one who argues from facts and reason – I like. He’s thinking about it. A fellow who argues from conviction and won’t be swayed by reason or evidence .. there is just no talking with them.

    We do need the skeptics to keep us grounded in reality.

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