Links for 06-11-2007

Marketing budgets may shrink, Hollywood writers strike, the economics of free content …

2 thoughts on “Links for 06-11-2007”

  1. Re the idiot blogger who doesn’t understand that scabs rarely get hired after the strike….

    What s/he seems to be arguing is this:
    If they strike to get paid, we who blog will work for free.
    If they stop writing, those who don’t write will step in to provide content free entertainment.

    Already the audiences are discovering that more is “written” than they had ever imagined.

  2. Point taken, Farah. I think what he’s trying to say isn’t that the strike is a bad idea, per se, but that the notion of a universal contract that treats everyone the same is flawed. Whether that’s the case or not is beyond my grasp of economics and law, but it struck me as an interesting opinion.

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