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Transhumanists diss Stross, girls are evil, low self-esteem and crime novels, Digg and the (un)wisdom of crowds, table-top particle accelerator…

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  1. >2% own over 50% of the worlds wealth.

    What is there to feel guilty about?
    You get born into a situation and you make the best of it.
    Some start off unlucky. Bad country. Bad parents. Bad health. etc…
    Most have the chance to significantly improve their own situation.
    Especially anyone in Japan, Europe, North and South America, Australia, S Korea, Taiwan and pretty much any country in the top 40 of gdp per capita
    Now most people in China and significant numbers in India.

    For those who ended up in a bad country then probably the best thing to do is to first recognize this and escape that situation to where hard work and reasonably good choices can bring results. A big part of the problem is that over half the people live in places that are too screwed up and have no system or way to build any wealth. But just they are standing still or regressing in wealth does not mean we should hold back those in places where things are working.

    For those already in the pretty good places of the top 40 gdp per cap places then it is a matter of developing some reasonable mastery of some important wealth building skills and knowledge.

    Right now there is a growing wave of people who are becoming rich in many countries. In the USA there are about 8.3 million millionaires not including their primary residence. This is increasing at about 7-10% per year.

    This is similar to the effect in china
    with expanding wealth at the middle and higher tiers. Waves where a lower middle class grows and becomes dominant and then a upper middle class grows.

    Mass affluence is growing in the developed countries and will become the dominant class over the next few decades replacing what is now considered the middle class. Probably in the 2025-2035 timeframe. Certainly most of the 33 million mass affluent should move up to millionaire status.

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