Links for 08-05-2007

Virtual reality walker interface, naming and shaming energy gluttons, green planning in Seattle…

One thought on “Links for 08-05-2007”

  1. Future green building must take account of the “green washing” that seems to be accelerating throughout the real estate market place. I’ve seen repeated use of words like “green”

    and “stewardship” across the board. I’ve seen some Realtors using the word “green” in their ads, knowing that awareness is elevating by the media and they use that hype to drive

    more traffic to their listings. I’ve ran across great sites such as ( Listed Green ) that screen developers and realtors so as to minimize the “green washing” effect.

    Some blogs have been overused in this regard as well. Hopefully, the general public can sift through this green hype and really see the changes that builders and developers have

    to do to reduce our carbon footprint.

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