Links for 10th March 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Reasons to care about Racefail

    Quality collection of links. There's so much about this whole trainwreck that I need to think about and internalize.

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  2. FontyPython

    "Fonty Python is a font manager for Gnu/Linux. If you want to temporarily install fonts on a per-project basis, you may want to have a look! Fonty is available in the Debian and Unbuntu repos… "

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  3. Regulate armed robots before it’s too late

    "The civil liberties implications of robot devices capable of surveillance involving listening and photographing, conducting searches, entering premises through chimneys or pipes, and overpowering suspects are obvious. Such devices are already on the way. Even more frighteningly obvious is the threat posed by military or police-type robots in the hands of criminals and terrorists."

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  4. Bring on the techies: How Silicon Valley can help save newspapers

    "The newspaper industry is in trouble, no one questions that. But rather than wait for papers to reinvent themselves, fresh thinking from Silicon Valley should be a big part of the solution. I was 35 when the Wall Street Journal publisher asked me my age. The reality is that even then, I was old in digital terms, and I now look to 25-year-olds for ideas and innovation. Silicon Valley gets that – but I'm not sure the newspaper business does." Very one-sided, but some interesting points raised.

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  5. One-eyed man creates prosthetic ‘surveillance’ eye

    "The eye will include a 1.5mm CMOS camera, an RF transmitter “smaller than the tip of a pencil eraser” and a lithium-polymer battery. Footage will probably be sent to recording equipment in a rucksack, which will presumably be worn by Spence. His aim, aside from breaking technological boundaries, is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding surveillance in our society." To quote Keanu Reeves, 'whoa'.

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  6. Add to Footer (WordPress plugin)

    "Add absolutely anything to the footer for your WordPress theme. This ensures that you don’t need to keep adding the same code in case you change your theme."

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  7. The Kindle Revolution

    "Here's where the Kindle comes in. The collapse of bookstores almost ensures that the Kindle will thrive. Not because it's better than a book; that doesn't matter. The nation-within-a-nation that reads for pleasure and to be informed is a small but vibrant republic. Heavy readers make up a large portion of the book-buying public. These are people who read two to three books a week and buy 50 or so books a year. The Kindle will solve a number of problems for the citizens of Biblandia, not the least of which is having to go find a bookstore to get their next read."

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  8. George Monbiot: Top 10 climate change deniers

    Amazing how often I see these names cited as references… particularly that weasel Milloy.

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  9. How to Snatch an Expiring Domain

    "So if domains are available to the general public 75 days after they expire, how do you know your GoDaddy backorder isn’t one of many other backorders from other people using other services? The answer is, you don’t."

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