Links for 11th May 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Stephen Wolfram Reveals Radical New Formula for Web Search

    "Consider a question like “How many Nobel Prize winners were born under a full moon?” Google would find the answer only if someone had previously gone through the whole list, matched the birthplace of each laureate with a table of lunar phases, and posted the results. Wolfram says his engine would have no problem doing this on the fly. “Alpha makes it easy for the typical person to answer anything quantitatively,” he asserts." If it works as planned, this'll be fairly awesome. But what of the potential for gaming the system, eg Googlebombing?

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  2. Underdogs Win By Changing The Rules

    "When applied to the business world, it reveals a vast field of opportunity for entrepreneurs, who are, by definition, scrappy upstarts changing the rules to get ahead. People often insist that big companies can simply steal the ideas of the new companies that aren't "protected." In reality, those ideas are oftentimes so game-changing, that established companies scoff at them. And then, after it is evident that they have been left behind, they angrily complain of unfairness, when in reality, the opportunity was always there, they just chose to rest on their laurels."

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