Links for 11-05-2008

Suburbia redux; urban redevelopment in NYC; iron snow on Mercury, gold-farmers; BASH commands reference …

One thought on “Links for 11-05-2008”

  1. Oh the joy of category mistakes. The article on the Suburbs mixes up “cheaper for the environment” with “cheaper for individuals” and does so consistently within the article.

    There are two other problems here:
    1. For the past fifty years, we in the west have enjoyed artificially depressed prices for pretty much everything. One reason for this has been transport links which were sufficient for the distances we needed to travel in *order* to make something cheap. This is crucial to housing: in the 1860s, New York, London and Paris were horribly overcrowded because there simply wasn’t anywhere to spread to. Trains reduced distances and allowed spread. But we’ve filled that space and we can see the overcrowding coming in (I live in a small terrace, the same kind of house in my area is being turned into two bedroom flats) because we cannot move out any further. Most people won’t travel more than two hours to work.
    2. Time is the “cost” factor that the article does not take into account. Even as individuals time costs money. Shortage of time = expensive ready meals instead of cheap cooking = babysitters because one gets back later from work = time spent in traffic etc. etc. etc.

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