Links for 11th August 2008

OMG u got ur TXT in mah lingo LOL; Singularity defended; US goes to war on global warming…

  1. Textese May Be the Death of English (or, y’know, not)

    "As soon as linguists began to peer into the uproar over texting, researchers examined the effects of texting experimentally. The results disproved conventional wisdom: in one British experiment last year, children who texted—and who wielded plenty of abbreviations—scored higher on reading and vocabulary tests. In fact, the more adept they were at abbreviating, the better they did in spelling and writing."

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  2. What is the Singularity?

    "The Singularity is not mystical because intelligence is not mystical. The Singularity is just the development of a new type of intelligence. Intelligence operates according to the laws of physics and other rules, just like everything else. It’s not magic, though intelligence can sometimes seem like magic when it’s greater than our own."

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  3. US military launches war on global warming

    "While the military marches on a greener path in which "every soldier is a steward of the environment" – in Shaffer's words – the federal government faces widespread criticism for failing to take significant action to slow climate change." See – make it financially attractive, and they'll all join in.

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