Links for 11th January 2009

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  1. Provo (movement) – Wikipedia

    "… a Dutch counterculture movement in the mid-1960s that focused on provoking violent responses from authorities using non-violent bait."

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  2. New Alchemy Institute – Wikipedia

    "The New Alchemy Institute was a research center that did pioneering investigation into organic agriculture, aquaculture, and bioshelter design between 1969 and 1991. It was founded by John Todd, Nancy Jack Todd, and William McLarney. Its purpose was to research human support systems of food, water, and shelter and to completely rethink how these systems were designed."

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  3. Bruce Sterling: State of the World, 2009

    "… cities do seem in many ways to respond much better to globalization than nation-states do. When a city's population globalizes, when it becomes a global marketplace, if it can keep the local peace and order, it booms. London, Paris, New York, Toronto, they've never been more polyglot and multiethnic."

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  4. Inside the Savant Mind: Tips for Thinking from an Extraordinary Thinker

    "Even if we cannot measure and assign precise values to it in any “scientific” way, I do very much think that “intelligence” exists and that it varies in the actions of each person. The concept is a useful and important one, for scientists and educators alike. My objection is to thinking that any ‘test’ of a person’s intelligence is up to the task. Rather we should focus on ensuring that the fundamentals (literacy, etc.) are well taught, and that each child’s diverse talents are encouraged and nourished."

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  5. Evaporation fridge

    "… a brilliantly simple solution for keeping food cool in a hot, dry environment. It's basically a metal cylinder surrounded by wet material, surrounded by a mesh sleeve to hold it all together." Much-needed solutions can be simple, lo-tech.

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  6. Taking responsibility for your web content

    "I am of the opinion that there is very little need for these types of WYSIWYG editor on the net. Markup languages, from a purely formatting point of view, are incredibly intuitive and the learning curve is narrow so why not learn the basics (all you need) and really take charge of your site?" Beginner's guide to HTML mark-up – show your parents/clients!

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  7. Invention: Recycled trash construction materials

    "… a blend of waste plastic and cellulose from plant material can make a good building material, once appropriately sanitised. The mixture could either be held together using a bonding substance, or treated with heat and pressure to let the plastic already in the mix hold things together… "

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  8. Uncertainty, Complexity, and Taking Action

    "This notion of “I’m going to focus on this particular kind of risk, this particular kind of technology, and don’t talk to me about anything else.” That is a dangerous thought, not in the politically incorrect sense, but in the sense that the kinds of solutions that you might develop in response to that kind of silo thinking are likely to be counterproductive when applied to the real world, which is, as you recall, a complex fucking system." Cascio transcript.

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