Links for 11th November 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Vermont OKs the Creation of Virtual Corporations

    "Under the new law, for example, a board meeting may be conducted “in person or through the use of [an] electronic or telecommunications medium.” A “‘virtual company’ will be, as a legal matter, a Vermont limited liability company,” said Johnson. And other states are required to recognize the corporation as a legitimate LLC."

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  2. Offline Mode

    "This plugin enable admin to put up a splash page to show that the site is down for maintenance […] User can customize their own splash screen…"

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  3. osCommerce Plugin/Widget for WordPress

    "This pulgin/widget enables you to pull the category and product listing from you osCommerce site."

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  4. Rememberance Day

    To my mind, there is in this country a still latent sense of triumphalism after having been on the winning side of both the major conflicts of the last century. That's not to say that that's the main, or even a minor focus of the Rememberance Day commemoration. But it seems, counter-intuitively, to reinforce it. It's focus on solely British fallen, and it's tendency to bring to the fore heroic stories of bemedalled servicemen, rather than the horror of war obscures the true nature of modern warfare. The language is steeped in words of 'sacrifice' and 'service', rather than that of horror or despair or lives thrown away in vain.

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  5. Why I Can’t Wait Until 2020

    "Today, as you go around town, squint a little and see what I see whenever I see a poppy on someone’s chest: not a flower, but a bullet wound. Because more than anything else, wars are about red holes blooming in the chests of average, well-intentioned people."

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