Links for 12th January 2010

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  1. Digital scents

    "She called her prototype dress 'Smart Second Skin'. Smart because it senses the wearer's mood, 'second skin' because it interacts with the wearer and their environment.

    Smart Second Skin combines lab-on-chip technology with miniature bio-sensors. Lab-on-chip allows the storage and handling of tiny amounts of fluids on small chips. These chips can be programmed to release specific scents at specific times.

    "Just as people store different genres of music on their iPods, this method offers a new sensory system to collect and store a selection of fragrances close to the body: a modern iPod of the fragrance industry embedded in fashion" Tillotson says."

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  2. Chemical computer that mimics neurons to be created

    "The goal is not to make a better computer than conventional ones, said project collaborator Klaus-Peter Zauner of the University of Southampton, but rather to be able to compute in new environments.

    "The type of wet information technology we are working towards will not find its near-term application in running business software," Dr Zauner told BBC News.

    "But it will open up application domains where current IT does not offer any solutions – controlling molecular robots, fine-grained control of chemical assembly, and intelligent drugs that process the chemical signals of the human body and act according to the local biochemical state of the cell.""

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