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  1. Civilisations: why they fail

    "… I think there's a road map of factors that can identify when a society, or a group, is staring failure in the face.

    First, a group may fail to anticipate the arrival of a problem. Second, the group may fail to perceive it when it arrives. Third, having recognised it, they fail even to try to find a solution. Finally, they may try to solve the problem but ultimately fail. "

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  2. Brain scanning may be used in security checks

    Brain scanning may be used in security checks

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    * Owen Bowcott
    *, Sunday 10 May 2009 23.12 BST
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    Distinctive brain patterns could become the latest subject of biometric scanning after EU researchers successfully tested technology to verify ­identities for security checks.

    The experiments, which also examined the potential of heart rhythms to authenticate individuals, were conducted under an EU-funded inquiry into biometric systems that could be deployed at airports, borders and in sensitive locations to screen out terrorist suspects." No recession in the Security Theatre industry, looks like.

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    "the Pentagon's approach to the global media sphere is so hilarious. Bathed in a world view dominated by deprecated cold war logic/secrecy, it is in the process of trying to create an impervious bubble to shield itself from the very environment within which it is expected to fight. This can be seen in everything from a growing plethora of buildings that bar any and all communication devices to the blocking of Web sites that contain dangerous ideas."

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