Links for 12th November 2009

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  1. Interview with Umberto Eco: ‘We Like Lists Because We Don’t Want to Die’

    "I have a hallway for literature that's 70 meters long. I walk through it several times a day, and I feel good when I do. Culture isn't knowing when Napoleon died. Culture means knowing how I can find out in two minutes. Of course, nowadays I can find this kind of information on the Internet in no time. But, as I said, you never know with the Internet."

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  2. Urban siege in south Asia

    "The urban attacks of the 1990s and the early 2000s, however, are qualitatively different. Destructive power has increased due to better operational sequencing of paramilitary attacks, car bombs, and suicide bombers. Multiple elements can operate in time, utilizing better C2 nodes than before. Hostage takers have developed better fortification, surveillance, and perimeter defense skills. Moreover, due to a deadly combination of ethnic nationalism and religious fervor, attackers are more bloodthirsty and prepared for death. That being said, gangland codes of blood and honor can also be a powerful motivator, especially when criminal soldiers such as former Mexican special forces operatives face adversaries inferior in both training and armament."

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  3. If You Want To Make Money As A Musician You Need To Be A Musical Entrepreneur

    "You may make great and interesting music, and put on an amazing show with amazing costumes…. But decrying a sense of entitlement among those who won't pay you for what you insist on doing is back to front.

    The people with the weird sense of entitlement are the ones who stamp their feet and say 'look at all this hard work I put in – where's my money?'" Amen.

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