Links for 13-11-2007

360 deals, reporters are doomed (maybe), mistrust in MMOs, simulated photosynthesis, music reviews and interviews …

2 thoughts on “Links for 13-11-2007”

  1. I’ll tell you ‘something that Lifeline doesn’t have going for it’. Its somewhat lightweight compared to the crushing catharsis of everything else Jesu have released. But then lightweight Jesu is like any other band at their most corpulent so i’ll let Broadrick off this time. Oh, and track three breaks the flow a bit.

  2. Both points taken, but I think the plus point of that is it will make Jesu’s material a little more accessible to people who aren’t quite so mired in moody crushing darkness as ourselves … and there are a couple of genuinely uplifting melodies in there that take it beyond the earlier material. Yes, it’s different – but not necessarily in a bad way.

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