Links for 13th April 2009

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  1. Will climate change spread disease?

    "Lafferty does not deny that climate change might allow malarial mosquitoes to spread to new areas. However, he believes that hotter and drier conditions may also eliminate mosquitoes from areas where they currently thrive, such as the Sahel region in Africa. If this were the case, he says, there would be little if any net increase in the risk of disease.

    In addition, many temperate regions such as southern Europe or the southern US have good sanitation and insect control programmes which, Lafferty says, would prevent diseases from becoming prevalent even if climatic conditions were suitable.

    Finally, he argues, climate change could wipe many species off the planet. Infectious pathogens depend on their hosts for survival so they too may become endangered – especially if, like malaria, they rely on more than one host ." Hmmmn.

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  2. Praying to God is like talking to a friend

    "He says the results show people believe they are talking to someone when they pray, an outcome that pleased both atheists and Christians: "Atheists said it shows that it's all an illusion," says Schjødt, while Christians said it was evidence that God is real." Wait, so you're saying this whole argument is based in interpretation of perceived reality? NO WAI.

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  3. Evgeny Morozov: Texting Toward Utopia

    "drawing conclusions about the democratizing nature of the Internet may still be premature. The major challenge in understanding the relationship between democracy and the Internet— aside from developing good measures of democratic improvement—has been to distinguish cause and effect. That is always hard, but it is especially difficult in this case because the grandiose promise of technological determinism—the idealistic belief in the Internet’s transformative power—has often blinded even the most sober analysts."

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  4. 3-D Printing Hits Rock-bottom Prices With Homemade Ceramics Mix

    ""Normally these supplies cost $30 to $50 a pound. Our materials cost less than a dollar a pound," said Ganter. He said he wants to distribute the free recipes in order to democratize 3-D printing and expand the range of printable objects." That's gonna annoy some people and scare the crap out of others.

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  5. $6 Solar Cooker Wins $75K Climate Change Prize

    "The Kyoto Box consists of two cardboard boxes, one which Bohmer’s own 5-year-old daughter helped him paint black, and another covered with tin foil to help concentrate the sun’s rays. A plexiglass cover is used to trap heat inside making it possible for the box to boil and bake, but not fry, so it is arguable that it is healthy as well. The Kyoto Box is already in production at a factory in Nairobi, and Bohmer hopes to offer a the box in a recycled plastic form in the future. The cost of the box will be a mere 5 euros."

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  6. First Steps Towards Post scarcity: or Why the Current Financial Crisis is the End of the World As We Know It (And Why You Should Feel Fine)

    "consider that in the last Depression, the main worry was simply getting enough food. Today, the marketplace is more worried about maintaining the marketing budgets of 170 different kinds of toothpaste than about ensuring that everyone has toothpaste. There’s a lot of padding in the system. Couple a financial crisis with this overweight, inefficient system, and you have the stage set for the first transition to post-scarcity: a comprehensive rethink of our concept of value." Jason Stoddard

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  7. Page Links To « WordPress Plugin

    "… a plugin that allows you to make certain WordPress pages or posts link to a URL of your choosing, instead of their WordPress page or post URL. It also will redirect people who go to the old (or "normal") URL to the new one, using a redirect style of your choosing (302 Moved Temporarily is standard, but you can enable 301 Moved Permanently redirects if you wish.)"

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  8. Free as in "Me"

    "And, whether people love, despise, or feel indifferent about things I’ve made, it all comes down to me and my weird independent occupation. This is not simply a job; it’s an anxious daily adventure in fucking reinventing myself. While, I’ll note, paying my own way to keep every dinghy in this little flotilla afloat and barnacle-free. And while it’s undeniably the richest of first-world problems, funding your own independence is the most insanely costly and addictive project you’ll ever love." Merlin Mann.

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