Links for 13th April 2010

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Mental Machine Music: The Musical Mind in the Digital Age

    "What is important to note here is that this change in listening habits was almost entirely unintentional. I had not picked up my new iPod and “decided” to change the way that I listened to music; instead, my brain had “decided” to do this for me. I had suddenly realized in this one moment that the changing technological era had literally altered the way that my brain was reacting to the music I was listening to. On the simplest level, this was a quantitative change, in that what I was listening to was different. On a more complex level, however, this was a qualitative change; something about the quality of the actual experience of listening to music had been altered in the movement between eras of consumption. Something, at a barely perceptible level, had changed about the way that my brain was engaging in the listening experience."

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  2. CSSDesk – Dynamic CSS Sandbox

    Does what it says on the tin; looks like a very useful thing indeed.

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