Links for 13th January 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Police seek new rights for searching rail passengers

    "Senior British Transport police officials told MPs today that they wanted to change the railways' "conditions of carriage" to close a loophole that means officers using mobile knife-detecting arches at stations have no legal power to search someone who sets them off unless they have a reasonable suspicion that they are breaking the law." the reasoning is sound, but the potential for abuse is immense.

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  2. The taxman cometh? IRS urged to tax virtual worlds, economies

    "She points out that almost all income is subject to tax—even prizes, winnings, and barter exchange. She also acknowledges, however, that tracking and reconstructing so many tiny transactions would be a huge burden, and that attempting to place a value on virtual transaction could present serious challenges."

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  3. 7 Tips on How to Write Sticky, Memorable Blog Posts

    "It’s not enough that your posts are relevant and informative. In fact, even if your content is unique – or even groundbreaking – your posts still have to be sticky and memorable. Fortunately, it’s quite an easy thing to do. Let me explain…"

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  4. Should evidence of God should be held to the same standards as evidence of other things in life?

    "After all, if we are going to say that there is "probably" no God, then we have a means of deciding how to evaluate the evidence in order to come to that conclusion. Yet, the religious proclaim with great certainty not only that there is a God but that they have evidence of him. It seems that different people are looking at the same evidence in different ways and coming to different conclusions. What are we to make of the situation?"

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  5. Add Semantic Richness To Your Markup With (RDF) Ease

    "Recently, a new mechanism for adding semantics to (X)HTML pages called RDF-EASE (short for RDF Extracted Attributes from Styled Elements) has been getting some attention. Although it’s very early yet, RDF-EASE, which can be mixed with CSS, has some intriguing characteristics that may give us a glimpse into the future of semantic Web technologies."

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