Links for 13th November 2009

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  1. Philip Rosedale: The web needs to be more lifelike

    "Formalised virtual courts will emerge as a result of common law and collective behaviour. I think big groups will band together and set up their own courts to decide whether to let people enter their property. Being restricted by the judgement of one's peers will have material, social and economic consequences and, therefore, the force of law." Interesting.

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  2. Do music artists fare better in a world with illegal file-sharing?

    "The most immediate revelation, of course, is that at some point next year revenues from gigs payable to artists will for the first time overtake revenues accrued by labels from sales of recorded music.

    Why live revenues have grown so stridently is beyond the scope of this article, but our data – compiled from a PRS for Music report and the BPI – make two things clear: one, that the growth in live revenue shows no signs of slowing and two, that live is by far and away the most lucrative section of industry revenue for artists themselves, because they retain such a big percentage of the money from ticket sales." That won't last for long, but it's good to see the middlemen on the back-foot.

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  3. Beatles live performance coming to venue near you

    ""Re-performing artists that have been dead for years is one thing, but what about the ability for John Lennon to play in the Rolling Stones?"

    According to MyIntyre the software Zenph has created will allow them not only to capture that musical essence, but also allow you to inject it into new tracks, which that artist has never played before.

    "We've already proved it can be done. Earlier in the year violinist Joshua Bell played a duet with pianist Rachmaninoff. Working with Joshua we were able to produce a piece that was if the two artists had worked on the piece together. It was a completely new piece created by a living artist and one who had been dead for over 60 years"." Damn, another story idea bites the dust. The copyright fracas should be entertaining for years to come, though.

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