Links for 14th April 2009

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  1. Game developers find ways to make industry recession-proof

    "Seen through this lens, a "game" is just a bunch of applied psychology that makes kids work long hours to earn virtual gewgaws that adults are trained to desire. In this "Free to play, pay for stuff" world, kids are alienated from the product of their leisure by a marketplace where the game-company skims a piece off of every transaction. […] One key element is that skilled players (eg, kids) must not feel like the rich players are able to buy their way into positions of power. Game devs are advised to sell defensive items – shields, armour, dodging spells, but not offensive ones. A skilled player will still be able to clobber a heavily armoured rich player, given enough time (and skilled players have nothing but time, by definition), but may quit in disgust at the thought that some rich wanker is able to equip himself with a mega-powerful sword or blaster that gives him ultimate killing power. No one wants to play in a game where one player has an "I win" button." Doctorow.

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  2. How to: Display WordPress posts in columns

    A PHP explode and some fancy CSS; pretty simple, but not too flexible for an end-user without the code skills, perhaps.

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  3. Our ears may have built-in passwords

    "… the power and frequency distribution in the OAEs provoked by specific series of clicks seem to be highly distinctive, driven by the internal shape of the person's ear. "Anecdotally, audiologists say they can tell different people apart – men, women, even people of different ethnic origins – by the profile of the widely varying types of emissions the clicks evoke," he says.

    So with funding from the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Beeby's team is attempting to work out if OAE patterns can be used in biometry, like iris scans or fingerprints. "In the controlled conditions of a lab, everybody's emissions are indeed different, but whether this is a practical way of telling people apart as a real-world biometric still needs a lot of work," he admits."

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  4. Tonido – Personal Web Applications and Private P2P Network

    "Tonido is an extensible and open (available under GPL) platform that allows you to run your own personal web applications on your desktop and form your own private Tonido network. Applications and data are always local. "

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  5. Sorting Algorithm Animations

    Does what it says on the tin; nice little geek-out, and a good explanation aid.

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