Links for 15th December 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Saying ¥€$ to the euro

    "If the UK government is still officially saying no to the euro, many other governments on the fringes of the Euro-zone — and their citizens — are positively screaming yes. In some cases the reversals of popular feeling have been rapid and extreme. According to a new poll, 52% of Danes now support dropping the Danish krone for the euro. That's up from 45% in a survey conducted just two weeks before. The Danish prime minister has said that the financial crisis "makes it evident" that Denmark needs to join the euro. This will probably happen in 2011, after a referendum." Amen, brothers.

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  2. Dollar auction

    "The dollar auction is a non-zero sum sequential game designed by economist Martin Shubik to illustrate a paradox brought about by traditional rational choice theory in which players with perfect information in the game are compelled to make an ultimately irrational decision based completely on a sequence of rational choices made throughout the game."

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  3. Things Writers Believe

    Andrew Wheeler lets the air out of some common balloons.

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  4. Big Mama, Greifswald, Rebel kids, Brixels: The People of kashklash

    "It’s a mistake to play favorites in scenarios. Don’t try to privilege one of these possible futures against any other. The benefit comes from imaginatively entering all these worlds and making them your own. Could you thrive in all four? What strategies and tactics would work in all four possible worlds, and which would fail? What would it really be like to live there? What’s in it for you?" Sterling.

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