Links for 15th January 2009

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  1. The Train in Spain Replaces the Plane

    "Air travel has been so big that the route linking Madrid and Barcelona was the busiest in the world in 2007 with 971 departures per week. That started to change in February when the government joined the two cities, which are 410 miles apart, with a high-speed line that cut travel time to 2 hours and 35 minutes. Other lines have opened or are in the works, each of them carrying AVE trains capable of 220 mph, and they're stealing passengers from airlines." Hoodathunkit, eh?

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  2. An Interview with Pat Cadigan

    "I tell my students that if this is something they really want, they have to keep at it regardless of what anyone else tells them. Talent is good to have, of course, but like a muscle, talent can be developed. But the only way to develop it is to work and keep on working, to persevere in the face of complete and utter indifference. Indifference is what they’ll face much more than opposition."

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  3. The battle to rebuild London has begun

    "The theory is seductive. Build a 3D London and you can rent out apartments and shops, get advertising, boost heritage sites and familiarise tourists with the capital before they arrive. And, of course, go out clubbing and meeting people."

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  4. Be Your Own Worst Enemy: Say No. I Dare Ya.

    "Just a little aside re creating cool stuff and realizing a vision: People who start out saying “no” and “no, that can’t be done” and “no, that’s too ambitious” when you start talking about a creative process (perhaps even before you’ve finished explaining)…those people are already entering a downward spiral of lowered expectations. Don’t be one of those people." thanks, Jeff; I needed that.

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  5. partly foundered – m john harrison

    "Yesterday morning I watched a heron eating a live eel on the mudbank by the south pier of Hammersmith bridge. Today it was foggy; the mudbank was almost awash. The heron was still waiting there. I fear the river in all its moods & hate low tide as much as I hate partly-foundered ships." Dammit. The guy throws away poetry better than I've ever bloody written.

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  6. When newspapers are gone, what will you miss? – Seth Godin

    "… if we really care about the investigation and the analysis, we'll pay for it one way or another. Maybe it's a public good, a non profit function. Maybe a philanthropist puts up money for prizes. Maybe the Woodward and Bernstein of 2017 make so much money from breaking a story that it leads to a whole new generation of journalists.

    The reality is that this sort of journalism is relatively cheap (compared to everything else the newspaper had to do in order to bring it to us.) Newspapers took two cents of journalism and wrapped in ninety-eight cents of overhead and distraction."

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  7. The Numbers on NEOs

    "The numbers here are stark. NASA’s Near Earth Object Program reports that we’ve found 5,955 NEOs, some 763 of which are at least one kilometer in diameter. 1008 NEOs larger than 140 meters across come within 4.5 million miles of Earth’s orbit, dangerous to us because perturbing influences could change their trajectories in the future. Centauri Dreams believes that the discovery of an object on a collision course with Earth would galvanize the space program as researchers looked for the best ways to deflect its path. The problem is time."

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  8. Discovery of Methane Reveals Mars Is Not a Dead Planet

    "Right now, we do not have enough information to tell whether biology or geology — or both — is producing the methane on Mars," Mumma said. "But it does tell us the planet is still alive, at least in a geologic sense. It is as if Mars is challenging us, saying, 'hey, find out what this means.' " Is it too late for me to start astronaut training?

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