Links for 15th January 2009

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  1. Pricing Music: Will $5 Albums Work?

    "Even if all prices were lowered to $5, the other factors would remain unchanged. There would be no more promotion. There would be no more awareness. Any spike in attention generated by a lower price point would drop and level off as consumers adjusted to the permanent price change. There will be individual cases that get increased promotion and awareness — it happens all the time — but on a macro level none of this will change."

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  2. One Laptop Per Child – what went wrong?

    "The protean nature of IT is its greatest weakness – it's impossible to say what it's for – and its greatest strength – it's for anything you can think of. The OLPC detractors who say that the rich, northern minority can't know what the world's majority need are right. And that's why giving the world's poor access to the tools that they can use in any way they can imagine is so powerful. It's a break from the centuries-old model of development and aid. It's an invitation for the world's majority to simultaneously access all of human knowledge as equal participants in the global conversation, all the while having the power to modify their systems to match their needs."

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  3. Baghdad’s Post-Blast Wall Bibliothèque

    "If the essence of military architecture has always been to guard, could these rudimentary fortifications be converted into something entirely antithetical to that – what is the opposite of defensible space exactly anyway? In this case, how could reusing the Bremmer Walls, which have consumed Baghdad, help not only to de-colonize but rebuild the city? They are each mini-colossuses, difficult to manage and move. But, can they be broken down into smaller more workable pieces in order to serve a new architectural configuration, and maybe the foundation for a revived sense of Iraq’s urban justice? Or would it just be more practical to crush and recycle them, obliterate them from the Iraqi landscape altogether?"

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