Links for 15th January 2010

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Re-skinning Reality

    "So long as the arms race continues, the filters will get better without becoming perfect. And in those cracks, reality (or at least an alternate viewpoint) can intrude. Insofar as we believe that people can’t know in advance what is best for them or what information they should receive, we should celebrate inefficiencies in filters.

    In every successfully delivered spam message, there is a ray of hope."

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  2. The Great Google Coverup? – Douglas Rushkoff

    "We have no way of knowing what the company surrendered technologically in its efforts to break into the fastest growing Internet market in the world. If the deal involved giving the Chinese government some level of access to the Chinese activity occurring on Google—as a way of verifying that their censorship deal was being adhered to—then perhaps this access could have been exploited, leading to the security breach.

    So it's not that Google's cloud computing technology is so easily hackable, it's that Google's misguided partnership with a repressive regime is so easily exploitable. My concern—for Google and for us—is that the reason they know it's the Chinese government behind these attacks is because Google may have inadvertently given them the key." I like Rushkoff, but I think he's grasping for conspiratorial straws on this one.

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