Links for 15th May 2009

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  1. Stop quoting your character’s mind!

    "Instead of writing, After reading his journal she thought, "Paul is an arrogant jerkface," try this:

    After reading his journal she unfriended him, changed her phone number and locks on her door, but not before posting one word anonymously on his journal. Jerkface. This makes for more exciting, thrilling reading, right? And, if you talented folk out there spent more than ten seconds writing the mini-scene, I'm sure you could show us readers much more insight into your character through her actions/decisions than by quoting a thought."

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  2. The Believer – Interview with John Crowley

    "I don’t have much of a literary theory, in the sense that I would never subscribe to a manifesto about these things. But certainly the kind of fiction that always interested me is stuff that somehow manages to be convincingly actual—in the sense that you believe that truths are being told about the world you live in—and are also somehow connected to the imaginary in some way. If you read Pale Fire you can think either it’s a fantasy about some guy who once had a kingdom in some far-off land that he’d lost—or that he’s crazy. Because of the way it’s written, the book is not going to make that decision for you. I think that’s great. I think that is in a certain sense the way the world works, and the way that fiction can model that feeling that there are other worlds, that there are parts of reality and actuality that we don’t know." I must get around to reading this guy's books.

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  3. Brain’s Problem-solving Function At Work When We Daydream

    "Until now, the brain's "default network" – which is linked to easy, routine mental activity and includes the medial prefrontal cortex (PFC), the posterior cingulate cortex and the temporoparietal junction – was the only part of the brain thought to be active when our minds wander.

    However, the study finds that the brain's "executive network" – associated with high-level, complex problem-solving and including the lateral PFC and the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex – also becomes activated when we daydream."

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  4. Pipelineistan Goes Af-Pak

    "Now that’s as classic as the New Great Game in Eurasia can get. There’s NATO vs. the SCO. With either IPI or TAPI, Turkmenistan wins. With either IPI or TAPI, Russia loses. With either IPI or TAPI, Pakistan wins. With TAPI, Iran loses. With IPI, Afghanistan loses. In the end, however, as in any game of high stakes Pipelineistan poker, it all comes down to the top two global players. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets: will the winner be Washington or Beijing? " Wanna know where the next wars are going to happen? Read this.

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