Links for 15th November 2008

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  1. Charles Darwin was not an enemy of the Christian faith

    "… when you look at the thinkers whose contributions did most to make literalist faith in the Bible incredible, Darwin was really not one of the most important: in fact, as the welcome extended to his ideas by many Victorian Christians showed, his theory offers a way around the difficulties raised by others."

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  2. How to Run a Con

    "The key to a con is not that you trust the conman, but that he shows he trusts you. Conmen ply their trade by appearing fragile or needing help, by seeming vulnerable. Because of THOMAS, the human brain makes us feel good when we help others–this is the basis for attachment to family and friends and cooperation with strangers. "I need your help" is a potent stimulus for action."

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  3. Scientists fabricate first plasma transistor

    "In the plasma transistor, the electron emitter injects electrons in a controlled manner into the sheath of a partially ionized neon gas (the plasma). The scientists discovered that even a voltage as low as 5 volts can change the properties of the microplasma, including quadrupling the current and increasing the visible light emission."

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